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MARCH MADNESS –  PSLE Holiday Bootcamp

These 4 letters strike fear in any parents who have 12 year olds at home. It really does not have to? Not in today’s darn age anyway. We can do things today that could not be done 3 years ago. Allow me to elaborate.

1. You can know exactly what your has mastered or what he or she is struggling with , in great detail today.
2. You can know down to the very second, how Long your child spends on each question. Do you have any idea how valuable this is?
3. You can clearly know your child’s mastery level of term one and get started ahead of the other kids in term 2.
4. You will get all the contents for English, Mathematics and science along with Mock Papers clearly Organised for you for the whole year.
5. This includes a personal only coach too.

Total cost of this is in thousands but for parents who call before the 30th of January or the next 17 callers, you get this 2 days PSLE bootcamp for $559. Includes lunch and tea breaks.

For parents who call after 30th January, the fees will be $779. We have 18 enrolled and have 17 more slots. Do call now. The number to call is 6568-3889.

A recap of what you get,

1. An Organised PSLE learning online system – $289
2. Personalised coaching for 18 hours over 2 days – $779
3. Analytics And online support – $589


An unbelievable 3D immersive learning experience!

Your children have learned about heat, forces, planets, evolution and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. They have also fallen in love with some documentaries you may have shown them.

For the first time in Singapore, they are going to get a chance to be a scientist. Be part of Asia’s first immersive experience. Your kids will get an upfront and personal encounter with,

1. Dinosaur Prophecy
2. The Planets and The Solar System
3. Earth Wild’s Ride
4. Map to the Chocolate Planet
5. Back to the Moon for Good

They will learn in an manner you would have never learned before. Parents, why must you send your kids for this experience? There is only one major reason. Give them a chance to fall in love with real and authentic learning.

16th & 17th March 2016
2 days after the PSLE camp

Where: 228 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574360

Conducted by: Singapore’s only flip learning experts; SCORECAMPUS

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